What is an accredited investor?

The concept of an accredited investor is to help identify persons who can bear the economic risk of investing in private securities.  

An individual can be considered an accredited investor by satisfying one of the following requirements::

  • Income Qualification - In the U.S., an accredited investor must have earned income that exceeds $200,000 USD or foreign equivalent (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the two previous years.
    • Acceptable documentation for evidence of income: tax returns, W2's, or other government filings from the last two years.
  • Accredited Investor Verification Letter - Per U.S. laws, an accredited investor must provide a letter from your attorney, CPA, registered investment advisor or registered broker qualifying you as an accredited investor.
    • The written confirmation provided must certify that reasonable steps were taken to verify that the investor is an accredited investor within the prior 90 days and that it was actually determined that such investor is an Accredited Investor.
    • We will ask for your third party's information (full name and email) in order to send them a digital letter to sign and confirm your accredited investor status.
  • Net Worth - Per U.S. laws, an accredited investor must have a net worth over $1 million USD or foreign equivalent excluding the value of your primary residence.  (Note - Harbor does not have a "Net Worth" approval option at this time)

For further information in regard to accredited investor verification, please visit the following page on the SEC website -  SEC - Accredited Investors.