What is a KeyCard?

What is a KeyCard?

The KeyCard contains important information which can be used to recover your wallet in case you forget your passphrase. Each BitGo wallet has its own, unique KeyCard.

What information does the KeyCard contain? 

Box A: Your User Key

The User Key is the private portion of your wallet's private/public keyset. Neither BitGo nor Harbor have access to your User Key.

Box B: BitGo Public Key

The BitGo public key is the public portion of your wallet's private/public keyset. BitGo will keep this key on file and use it to co-author transactions involving your wallet. 

Box C: Backup Public Key

The Backup Key is a public key held at a backup key recovery service (KRS). In the event that you lose your User Key (i.e. private key), Harbor and BitGo will work with the KRS to help facilitate the transactions needed to recover the funds in your wallet. Neither BitGo nor Harbor has access to this Backup Key. 

Box D: Encrypted Passphrase

Box D contains the encrypted contents of your wallet passphrase used to access your BitGo wallet on the Harbor platform. If you forget your passphrase, you will need the contents of Box D to recover your passphrase. 
Harbor will never see:
  • Your User Key
  • You Backup Key