How does my business verify all owners have accredited investor status?

In order to verify all owners of your business are accredited investors, you must provide letters signed by a third-party professional (lawyer, accountant, broker, or registered investment advisor) representing each owner is an accredited investor. In addition, you must provide one of the following documents reflecting 100% of the ownership stake in your business:

Charter Documents - Formation documents of your business such as the Articles of Incorporation.

Operating Agreement - A document used by LLCs that outlines the business' financial and functional decisions.

Stock Ownership Ledger with Officer’s Certificate - This can be signed on behalf of the investor by an authorized officer. In respect to the “Officer’s Certificate”, an authorized officer can be defined to include, without limiting to the following: 

  •  Chairman of the Board of Directors
  •  Chief Executive Officer 
  •  Chief Financial Officer 
  •  Principal Accounting Officer 
  •  President