What is a business registration number?

A business registration number is a unique number issued to your organization by the government. This number can be found on your formation documents such as your company's articles of incorporation, certificate of formation, government-issued business license, recently filed annual return, or partnership agreement.

United States

Each state has a different format for the business registration number found on the formation documents, below are some examples: 

Florida - N97000001383 (nonprofit), L12000028718 (LLC), 254054 (corp)

Georgia - Control No. 12345678 found on Certificate of Organization

Delaware - File No. 1234567 found on Certificate of Formation, Certificate of Conversion

Massachusetts - Identification No - 000928779

NYC - DOS ID # 1234567

Hong Kong

BR number ( Business Registration Certificate  by IRD (Inland Revenue Department): The BR number comprises 8 numerals at the front of business registration certificate number (e.g. 99999999-&&&-&&-&&-&) 

See Sample:  Hong Kong Sample Document - this number doubles as tax ID.